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Top 5 Menu Hacks on the New Oliver’s App

A few hacks make for good food on the road

Everyone has their own special way with food. Menu hacks are a great way to make your meal unique – express your creativity and satisfy your palate, all in one. The Oliver’s menu is full of opportunities to take our already delicious food to the next level. Here are our top five menu hack suggestions. They’re all available on the new Oliver’s app, so you can skip the wait by ordering ahead and picking up at the time you choose.

1. Make the Bacon & Egg Roll a Deluxe

With bacon, egg and your choice of sauce on our signature milk bun, the Bacon & Egg Roll is a classic. Make it deluxe by adding avocado and a slice of cheese. Or take it even further by adding an organic hash brown. Of course, the perfect pairing is a coffee made your way. 

2. Customise your Haloumi Nourish Bowl

Adding grilled chicken to the Nourish Bowl is already a customer favourite, so if you’re after extra protein, this is an easy win. But did you know you can tweak the Nourish Bowl to a few special diets. It’s made without gluten as is. Want it Vegan Friendly? Sub the haloumi and egg for a hash brown. Want it Dairy Free? Sub out the haloumi for chicken.

3. Elevate the Breakfast Egg Wrap

With haloumi, avocado, tomato and baby spinach, the Egg Wrap is one of our top sellers. Elevate it by adding crispy bacon. But seeing that breakfast is served all day, you might order it for lunch or dinner, in which case adding chicken is a great option.

4. Make it a Meal

Burger, bowl or pocket – any of our signature classics can be made into a meal for just $4 extra. Choose your side of baked sweet potato chips or steamed green beans, and get a 600mL Alkaline Water. If you’re after something fizzy, upgrade to any Sodaly Natural Soft Drink for $3.

5 Upgrade your Avocado on Sourdough

Avocado on Sourdough is an Australian breakfast staple for good reason. Simple and delicious, served with a wedge of lemon on the side. Our suggestion – add bacon, haloumi and / or cooked egg. With a few tweaks you can almost make it into a fresh Aussie version of a big breakfast.

All these hacks and many more are available on our new app. Download it today for easy online ordering, free coffees and app only specials.

Do you have a menu hack of your own that isn’t mentioned above? Let us know by posting and tagging us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok on your next visit.