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Five Tips to Eating Well on a Road Trip

A few hacks make for good food on the road

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures – giving yourself the space and freedom to explore new terrain, immerse yourself in the open air and expand your perspective of the world. And while life on the road is liberating, it can also present the very real challenge of eating well and making healthy choices.

On holidays and long road trips, the temptation to indulge in sweet treats, greasy takeaway and processed package snacks is strong. (At times it can appear as our only option.) But opting for wholesome, nutrient-dense snacks and meals, and keeping ourselves well hydrated, is better for our bodies in the long-term.

Unsure where to start? Here are a few tips to ensure your next road trip is your best yet.

1. Plan ahead

Your route is mapped out, activities are organised and bags are packed – but have you given much thought to your nutrition while on the road? When considering your accommodation, factor in the local food options, and if venturing off-grid, for example, be sure to pencil in places to stock up on what you’ll need during the time away. When preparing to take off, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some nourishing, low GI staple snacks, such as nuts and trail mix.

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2. Snack well between meal stops

Substituting unhealthy treats with healthier versions that offer a similar taste or texture profile is a great way to eat well, without feeling like you’re missing out. For example, energy balls, nut mixes and muesli bars still convey a sweet taste whilst also providing nourishment courtesy of fruit and nuts, fibre, Omega-3, and antioxidants.

3. Remember to stay hydrated

Our bodies are comprised of around 60% water, making it fundamental to how we function. It’s vital we keep it replenished throughout the day for optimal wellbeing. Hunger is often thirst in disguise – water replenishes fluids in your body, reduces junk food cravings and helps nutrients get to your cells. Keep a refillable bottle in the car when travelling to stay hydrated for your trip.

4. Look for options even in unhealthy places

The past decade has seen a perceptible shift in our approach to health and wellbeing; it’s not uncommon to now find healthy options in places they haven’t traditionally been available. Service stations, for example, now have a wide variety of nutritious options (you’ll even find Oliver’s Food To Go products at participating EG service stations). Look out for high protein, nutrient-rich substitutes that will encourage you to feel fuller for longer.

5 Make an Oliver’s pit stop

At Oliver’s, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect roadside nourishment for when it’s time to re-hydrate and re-energise. Dedicated to offering healthy meals and snacks, you’ll find us in the types of places where good food is often hardest to track down – the highways and freeways of Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Don’t resign yourself to eating unhealthy, processed foods the next time you’re on the road. Doing your best to source wholefood options, packed with fresh, minimally processed ingredients abundant in vitamins and minerals, is a win for your long-term health. Your mind and body will thank you for it.