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Fresh. Healthy. Wholesome.

Our food philosophy is shaped by a love and respect for delicious whole foods, and a commitment to transparency.

Oliver’s seeks out the best natural produce to nourish the body and mind, for on-the-go dining that doesn’t compromise your wellbeing. And our commitment to eating well extends to every facet of our menu, from the products we select to the way in which they’re prepared.

The wholesome taste of home cooking, for a healthier Australia.

We seek to be transparent in everything we do, from our supply chain through to our open kitchens. The nutritional information for our whole menu is available online here and up to date in real time.


Minimally processed. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

We choose produce that’s free from artificial additives and preservatives, and imbued with the elements. Our beloved green beans and sweet potato sides are sourced from the freshest local ingredients as close to their natural harvested state as possible, rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and other essentials.

Oliver’s beans contain vitamins C, A and K to alkalise your system, protect your bones and help with digestion. And we always use Australian-grown sweet potatoes, golden and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt. High in fibre and antioxidants, they help to promote a healthy gut, brain and immune system


“For no age is too early or too late for the health of the soul”

– Epicurus

We love using certified organic ingredients like our Kai-Ora Raw Seed Mix.

Kai-Ora means ‘food that gives you health, life and wellbeing’. Our raw seed mix is a great source of amino acids, protein and omega-3s. And it’s full of minerals such as zinc and magnesium which boost energy and immune support, and enhance the health of the liver, heart and bones.

We seek out organic products as much as possible; produce grown the way nature intended. Not only are they full of flavour, they’re also healthier for us – cultivated using environmentally and biodiversity-friendly methods, free from chemicals, herbicides and pesticides


Sweet treats, guilt free.

Our cookies are packed with the goodness of ingredients such as almond meal, macadamias, coconut oil, organic chocolate chips and desiccated coconut. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those looking for a gluten free and dairy free energy boost, they’re rich in vitamin E and magnesium which help aid digestion, and promote heart and brain health.

No matter your cravings, Oliver’s brings you choice with a range of bliss balls and baked goods for every dietary preference.

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Did you know our breakfast roll is made with 100% free-range eggs?

Information transparency is empowering. By knowing exactly what’s in our food – its nutritional information, ingredients and allergens – you’re able to make the right decisions for your body. Through the use of innovation technology such as our Nutrition Now app, you can explore our meals, ingredients and supply chain in real time, anytime.

Now that’s a breakfast worth stopping for.

We’re constantly searching for new and innovative ways to make our ingredients, products, restaurants and company better for our people and our planet. And we’ll use this platform to communicate our findings, successes, and challenges along the way.

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