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Better Than McNuggets – Why Oliver’s Organic Chicken Nuggets Are The Best

Young and old alike are going crazy for them.

Everyone loves chicken nuggets. Quick, easy, tasty – they are always a winner. And we’re thrilled to have the best nuggets out there. Our chicken nuggets are baked, not fried, to perfection with a crispy crunch on the outside and tender chicken on the inside. Plus, we introduced a few new sauces to pair perfectly with these golden gems.

What makes Oliver’s chicken nuggets so unique?

There are a few reasons these are the best chicken nuggets around:

  • They’re made from organic chicken – we’re talking certified organic and 100% Australian. It’s rare to find chicken nuggets that are this good.
  • They’re baked, never fried, meaning they’re full of natural tasty flavour, without the unhealthy fats that come from frying food in oil. It’s guilt free enjoyment.
  • They’re 100% natural – no nasties, no added hormones, no GMOs, chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients. This is food as nature intended.
  • These chickens are grown on free range regenerative farms. A life well lived and a more sustainable product. Eat delicious food while contributing to a better planet Earth.

All of the sauces 

We know that chicken nuggets are best when paired with a sauce, and everyone has their own personal favourite sauce. So we launched a new range of sauces in 2023 including sweet & sour, BBQ, classic tomato, aioli, peri peri and a zingy chipotle mayo. 

Now kids and adults alike can enjoy the best fast food chicken nuggets in Australia. Get them at all Oliver’s locations from Melbourne VIC in the south to Maryborough QLD in the north.