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Hitting The Road (With Kids)? Make These Five Simple Healthy Snack Swaps

Keep the whole family nourished the Oliver’s way.

We’ve all been there. Untold hours of highway before us, a car full of kids and luggage behind the driver’s seat, and the temptation to refuel on easy, greasy takeaway options made from empty carbohydrates such as refined grains and added sugars. A calm, joyful journey this does not make for.

If weekend or school holiday road trips beckon, take the hassle out of the journey (and invite health along for the ride) with an easy, nutritious snacking strategy. Here, five smart snack swaps for even the fussiest little eaters, to help make your next road trip as seamless as can be.

1. Sub chocolates and lollies for muesli bars or energy balls

As seemingly delicious as chocolates and lollies are in the moment, they’re energy-dense (rather than nutrient-dense) and often packed with artificial preservatives and additives. For little ones angling for a sweet snack, opt for protein-rich muesli bars or energy balls instead. At Oliver’s, ours are made with organic ingredients; packed full of nuts and fruit for additional fibre, along with Omega-3 and antioxidants.

2. Trade deep-fried foods for veggies sticks, green beans or baked sweet potato chips

Just like artificial sweet treats, deep-fried foods are highly processed, providing little to no nutritional value. As a healthy alternative, reach for veggie sticks with a side of hummus, or grab some hot, fresh beans from Oliver’s as an alternative to fries. They’re crunchy and moreish, sprinkled with Himalayan salt and packed with vitamins C, A and K to alkalise your system, protect your bones and help with digestion.

3. Alternate crisps for popcorn or natural crisps

Packet potato chips are often high in saturated fats, salt and artificial ingredients. When feeding hungry kids, veer towards popcorn to satisfy their crunch craving. Popcorn is higher in fibre and more filling. At Oliver’s, we offer certified organic popcorn that’s not only gluten-free, dairy-free and free from artificial nasties, it also tastes delicious (100% kid approved).

4. Swap soft drinks for fresh juice or smoothies

When looking for a refreshing beverage on the road, try and avoid soft drinks – some containing up to 19 teaspoons of refined sugar per bottle, and are generally high in calories with no nutritional value. A more balanced alternative? Try a 100% fruit juice, or a smoothie packed full of the good stuff. Our grab-and-go cold pressed juices are made from 100% fresh fruit, and our smoothie range harnesses Greek yoghurt and milk for a great source of calcium.

5. Trade ice cream for yoghurt cups

Another easy (and flavourful) swap is reaching for a yoghurt cup, rather than ice-cream. Unlike ice-cream which provides minimal nutrients, yoghurt is a great source of calcium, protein and probiotics for settled, happy stomachs. Stop by Oliver’s and grab one of our four yoghurt cup flavours, each served with a delicious high-protein Greek yoghurt (don’t forget to add muesli for additional crunch and nutritional value).