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Get to Know Steph, Oliver’s Senior Business Support Manager

Meet one of the OGs at Oliver's

This is a series of get to know the people that make Oliver’s the special company it is. Steph has been with Oliver’s for over 7 years, including 5 years as Store Manager at Euroa, VIC before moving into the Senior Business Support Manager role. We sat down with Steph to find what makes her tick.

Tell us about your position at Oliver’s, and what has been your journey with the company?

I started with Oliver’s in 2017, just before the Tigers won the AFL Grand Final. I then became Store Manager at Oliver’s Euroa when it first opened and served Euroa’s first ever customers (I still remember their names – Liz and Russ). I have now moved into a Senior Business Support Manager role, and look after People and Culture. I love travelling to and supporting our teams. 

What drew you to working at Oliver’s?

All the people I met from Oliver’s were friendly, warm and welcoming. I wanted to be part of this team. They were passionate about they did and were proud of the company they’d created. The amazing thing is, that has never changed. The company is still full of passionate people who love what they do, and who want to be part of something special.

What does an average day look like for you at Oliver’s (if there even is one)?

One of the wonderful things about my job is that no two days are the same. Some days are short and easy, others are long and very challenging. I get to learn something new every day, whether it be navigating a new spreadsheet, or meeting with Store Managers and their teams, helping solve problems or achieve new goals. I am truly grateful to spend my days doing something I adore.

What do you love most about the business and its ethos?

The people, one hundred percent! Both our staff and the customers. I truly believe we have the greatest customers, and I have an inkling it’s because they are eating good food which makes them feel good. That also spreads to the people around them. I truly believe in the ripple effect of actions. No matter how small the good intention, the ripples it creates can change so much. 

Can you tell us your favourite Oliver’s menu item, and why? 

Tough call… The Moroccan Vegetable Curry and Butter Chicken are my current favourites. Plus I have a personal menu hack – a bacon & egg roll with beetroot relish and mayo. The Energy Edge Cold Pressed Juice is a favourite or a freshly squeezed juice of apple, orange and ginger.

What are you most proud to have achieved (or experienced) during your time at Oliver’s?

I’ve been with the company for 7 years now and we’ve face so many challenges. The thing I’m most proud of is that when things have gotten tough we’ve stuck together and worked through them. With bushfires and floods and a pandemic, none of us knew what was coming next. But we’ve stayed firm in our belief that if we provide good food and great friendly service, people will keep coming back. The other thing which means a lot to me is seeing the teams overcome personal challenges and watching them blossom into amazing people. Seeing intentions set and then come true is a true blessing. Humans are wonderful.

What is your ultimate Australian holiday destination?

Yachting around the Whitsundays and the rocky mountain train are on my bucket list. But I equally love a couple of nights in a fancy hotel somewhere. I live on a 24 acre farm which is such hard work, so a bit of luxury sounds wonderful.

Go-to coffee order?

Warm flat white with 2.